MiniChurch is exactly what it sounds like – a miniature church.  It is modeled after the first century church, when believers in Jesus met in private homes.  These warm, personal settings allowed them to safely exercise their spiritual gifts, stretch their faith and sharpen one another.  Today, we achieve the same kind of fellowship at MiniChurch.  MiniChurches are groups of people the Spirit draws together (mixed or by sex) to fellowship, interact with the Word of God, worship and pray for each other.  MiniChurch is a good place to practice doing the Word (James 1:19-22); thereby developing your biblical filter.

For more information, email the person associated with the MiniChurch you are interested in.

Current MiniChurch Groups:

Tuesday, 6:30pm @ New Hope – The House  (Women)
Debra Mann and Vanessa Otten:

Wednesday, 7pm @ The Aguirre’s
Chris Suitt:

Sunday,  5:00pm @ New Hope – The House (Reunion)
Paul Krueger:

1st Saturday of the month, 8am @ iHop in Menifee
Courageous – Men’s Ministry: