Acts 1:8 Ministries

At New Hope we take Acts 1:8 both literally and seriously. Before Jesus returned home, He told His disciples that they would be empowered by the Holy Spirit to witness to what they have seen, heard and personally experienced. He said to do this in “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Based upon this truth, New Hope goes and well as partners with other ministries to reach these areas with Christ’s love.


Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria


HFI is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel that responds to Yeshua’s call to make disciples through small group discipleship; extends God’s hand of mercy through humanitarian aid and outreach projects; provides financial support for believers suffering difficulties or persecution; supports indigenous congregations; equips the body of Messiah to bring the hope of Messiah back to Israel; and, leads one-of-a-kind tours to Israel.


Lion of Judah





David and Leah Ortiz began a congregation in Ariel, Israel. Ariel means “Lion of God” and is a settlement now turned city in1998. They have lived in and served the Lord in Israel since 1985 when they made aliyah (immigrated). They’ve lived in Ariel, which is in the Biblical area of Samaria (sometimes called the West Bank) since 1989, and have reached out with the Good News of the Messiah Yeshua to the Jewish and Palestinian residents who live in this area.



Ends of the Earth


Hope for at-risk youth and their families…

The simple fact is that teens in our community are “slipping through the cracks.” Where does a parent go when their child is engaging in substance abuse, is apathetic, making high-risk choices, or being defiant? Hope Learning Academy was born out of the answer to this question.

ET logo

The eXtreme Tour uses extreme sports and music events in communities across the world to reach at-risk and counter culture youth with services and resources that assist them in making positive, as well as healthy decisions for a successful life. It is the largest and longest running extreme sports and music tour in the world.