Hope Learning Academy

Hope for at-risk youth and their families…

The simple fact is that teens in our community are “slipping through the cracks.” Where does a parent go when their child is engaging in substance abuse, is apathetic, making high-risk choices, or being defiant? Hope Learning Academy was born out of the answer to this question.

A Whole Approach to Healing Families…

We bring as many resources as are available, to bear in helping not just teenagers but whole families. More than just a private school, and definitely not just “a program” we are a whole approach to real change for teens and their families. Whether the issue is teen pregnancy, apathy, drug use, anger, or any other at-risk behavior… we are ready to help. There is hope…

The eXtreme Tour

Extreme Youth Ministries is a non-profit organization which endeavors to use any means or method that does not compromise scriptural standards, to reach “at-risk” and unchurched youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Holyland Marketplace

The sole purpose of HolyLand Marketplace is to help Israeli Believers in Yeshua (Jesus Christ) sell the products they make.

Hope for Israel

In a time when most people have lost their hope for peace within Israel and the rest of the world, when we see and hear bad news, we know there is still hope; we know there is Good News.

Koinonia House

Bringing the world into focus with the lens of scripture.

Set Free San Diego

In 1998 Pastor Jon Cabrera came to San Diego and began Set Free San Diego in a small Baptist Church on the corner of Orange and Estrella.

The Ami Ortiz Story

Lion of God