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Chris Suitt
Elder and Pastor

Pastor Chris has walked with and been in the process of becoming more like Jesus for over 40 years, been married to his wife, Jan, for over 27 years, and is the father of two adult children. Besides pastoring at New Hope, Jesus is using him to makes disciples and train others to make disciples around the world through Church Multiplication Associates, the eXtreme Tour, and Hope for Israel. He is the author of More Than a Sunday Faith, A Personal Walk in the Presence of God, and various articles published online. And oh by the way, he loves to participate in outdoor activities, such as surfing and hiking, with family and friends. Why not join him? Be sure to check out Chris's daily blog!

Email: csuitt@hope4youtoday.com

Blog: morethanasundayfaith.com

Gary Krueger

Gary grew up in Grangeville, Idaho in his early years and moved to Corona, Ca. in 1954. He started 7th grade in Corona and it was at that time that he became acquainted with Sharon Johnston. They started dating in their 1st year at Chaffey Junior College and both transferred to USC in Sept., 1962. They were married June 8, 1963 and continued at USC until graduation. Sharon (Bachelor of Fine Arts from School of Architecture) graduated in 1965 and Gary(Doctor of Pharmacy from School of Pharmacy) graduated in 1966. After the birth of their 1st daughter (Kimberli) in Nov., 1966,Sharon's brother visited them to see his new niece. During that time he introduced them to Jesus and both accepted Christ as savior at the same time. They now have 4 children: Kimberli, Mark, Susan and Paul. Gary and Sharon both grew up in dysfunctional families and were probably headed in the same direction if the Lord had not entered their life. Everything in their life today is due to God's in?uence through Jesus Christ. They both have a passion for at-risk youth and so commit as much of their time as possible to Hope Learning Academy where they minister as life coaches. By showing these kids the love of Jesus Christ, many have turned their lives around and started following productive lives in Jesus. They love their family at New Hope and continue to serve.
Luke Burns

Luke grew up in the Menifee Valley, and has attended New Hope for many years. Currently, he serves as an Elder and the Firebreak Youth Ministries Director. Luke currently holds a midweek youth service called IDENTITY, where Luke and his wife Carly help the students to understand who they are in Christ Jesus and how that translates to everyday life. He is passionate about reaching youth with the message of God’s scripture and helps them to follow Jesus for themselves.

Email: lburns@hope4youtoday.com

Paul Krueger
Lead Elder, Pastor

Pastor Paul has been serving at New Hope since 1995. Paul served as the Church's youth pastor until July of 2013. Paul is the founder of New Hope's ministry to at-risk teenagers, a private day school called Hope Learning Academy. Paul also serves as a member of the Board of Elders, in the Shepherding Coordinator, shepherds a MiniChurch called New Hope Reunion, serves as one of the teaching pastors at New Hope, and serves as the Chairman of the Board of the eXtreme Tour, another minstry of New Hope. Paul has been married to his wife, Amy since November of 1998. Paul and Amy have 3 children: Caden, Faith, and Jordan.

Email: pastorpaul@hope4youtoday.com

Blog: www.atriskhope.com