Vision, Values and Beliefs – Making More and Healthier Disciples

Jesus brought a new type of hope never seen before.  People of His day were amazed and stunned at His teachings and His actions. They had never seen anyone like Him before, nor would mankind see anyone like Him again – until He returns.

When Jesus sees crowds of people, He sees people who are helpless, harassed, hopeless and without a shepherd to guide them.  He wants to set these captives free through the new hope that only He can provide. He is the Resurrection and the Life and proved it by rising from the grave three days after dying, just as He said He would and the Bible predicted.

Jesus wants to use real people to get His message of setting captives free through new hope to those who live around them. Therefore at New Hope, it is our desire to make more and healthier disciples who listen to and follow Jesus every day everywhere, not just on Sundays or be Christians in name only.

At New Hope, we also recognize that each believer is on a journey toward becoming more like Jesus and will make progress toward Him at their own pace. Thus, we strive to accept people where they are, love them forward and pray they will continually listen and respond to the Spirit as He works in their life.